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“What is overwhelming about the climate challenge is that it requires breaking so many rules at once.” Naomi Klein

The Metropolitan Museum of Art honored billionaire energy magnate David H. Koch on September 9 for the $65 million he donated toward the remodeling of the plaza that flanks the museum’s entrance and now carries his name. On the same day the U.N. World Meteorological Organization (WMO) released a report showing that levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere were growing at a record-breaking pace.

Zephyr Teachout, the progressive candidate who challenged Governor Andrew Cuomo in this year’s Democratic Party primary, joined a chorus of activists outside City Hall on Monday in warning that the possible merger of cable giants Comcast and Time Warner, as well as proposed regulations to weaken net neutrality laws, would turn over control of the Internet to a handful of corporations.

On September 12, the NYC Light Brigade and the Illuminator crew lit up the Brooklyn Bridge in anticipation of this Sunday's People's Climate March — check out the scene in the video. We also hear from Frederick, a Light Brigade participant and Barbados native. "The rising ocean currents, it could be disastrous," he said. "How could I not be involved?"

The People’s Climate March is shaping up to be the largest demonstration in New York in recent years. More than 1,000 organizations are stepping up to make this event a huge success. Here at The Indypendent, we’re doing our part too. 

Canoers from SeaChange 2014, activists from Veterans For Peace, and inflatable art creators Tools for Action launched a 30-foot inflatable bomb over the Hudson River in Garrison, NY, across from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Lettering on the side of the blimp read "U.S.

For the first time since the national fast food workers’ movement for living wages and union recognition began in November 2012, workers escalated their protests on Thursday to acts of civil disobedience. Police arrested 36 workers for stopping traffic outside two Midtown McDonald’s locations. 

Editor’s Note: On August 30, activists with Mare Liberum and began a two-week voyage down the Hudson River from Troy, N.Y. to New York City. They are traveling in boats made of paper mache and are slated to arrive in the city on September 13 in advance of the People’s Climate March. As their two-week journey unfolds, they will stop in 13 towns along a 160-mile path to lift up stories of community resistance to proposed fossil fuel infrastructure and efforts to build local resilience in the face of climate change.

The recently noisy streets of Ferguson got a rest Monday, as the family of Michael Brown finally laid him to rest. And for a time, perhaps, demonstrations will give way to reflection. But one among those who protested will remain in the spotlight through the coming days and weeks: the reverend Al Sharpton.

Editor’s Note: Can Zephyr Teachout topple incumbent New York governor Andrew Cuomo in the Sept. 9 Democratic Party primary? The conventional wisdom says it’s impossible; that she’s too little known, too underfinanced and too far to the left of Cuomo. In this August 18 letter to supporters, Teachout’s campaign manager Mike Boland makes a case for why Teachout just might pull off one of the biggest upsets in U.S. political history.