How to get Arrested Right: A Review of “Beat the Heat”

Jed Brandt May 14, 2004

beat the heat 

By Katya Komisaruk w/ Illustrations by Tim Maloney AK Press, 2004
Whether you’re a gangster or a rebel, if you choose to live free chances are that sooner or later you’ll find yourself in the hands of the law.  What you don’t know can’t just hurt you—it could land you in prison whether you’re guilty or not. Just released by AK Press, Beat The Heat is a handbook on how to handle everything from police harassment and searches to the dirty tricks of station-house interrogation. With two million people already behind bars, there’s no reason you have to join them.
Authored by a practicing attorney who applied to law school while serving time for vandalizing nuclear weapons navigational equipment, Katya Komisaruk knows that just because you may have broken the law, it doesn’t necessarily mean you did anything wrong.
Packed with cartoons, case histories and scenarios, Beat the Heat is a great gift for any young person in your life, as well as all activists in the Age of Ashcroft.
— Jed Brandt

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