Gitmo Prisoners on Hunger Strike

Mike Burke Sep 14, 2005

gitmo prisonersAs many as 200 detainees at the U.S. prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, an occupied section of Cuba, are taking part in the most widespread hunger strike to date at the prison.

“People are desperate. They have been there three years. They were promised that the Geneva Conventions would be respected and various changes would happen and, unfortunately, the (U.S.) Government reneged on that,” said British lawyer Clive Stafford-Smith, who represents one of the hunger strikers.

The military has acknowledged 128 prisoners are taking part in the hunger strike began, but attorneys put the total at 200 – nearly 40 percent of the total prison population.

Since the hunger strike began in the first week of August, 18 hunger strikers have been hospitalized including 13 who are being forcefed through intravenous tubes.

“They truly feel they have nothing left. I’m not sure what the end point will be. But I do predict there will be death,” said attorney David Remes, who represents several Yemeni detainees. Some of the hunger strikers have been detained for nearly four years without facing charges. Several detainees have also reported recent beatings at the hands of military interrogators. Detainees say one interrogator severely beat a Tunisian detainee with an empty beverage cooler and a metal chair.

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