‘World Can’t Wait’ Takes It Right to Bush

Jed Brandt Feb 7, 2006

Picking up their campaign to “drive out the Bush regime,” World Can’t Wait has been on a tear. Simultaneous rallies were held in 68 cities to “drown out” Bush’s state of the union speech, with over 1,000 rallying in Times Square.

Speakers included religious leaders, returned Iraq Veterans Against the War; Carl Dix of the Revolutionary Communist Party and Rhadames Rivera of SEIU 1199 Union.

“We need to create an environment where Bush is forced to step down, and where Cheney’s cardiologist tells him he better not take the job,” said Aimara Lin, organizer for the antiwar Not In Our Name project.

“We’ve taken a beating over the last few years. The left, needs to come to terms with just how far Bush will take this. It’s not just about one person stepping down, we’re building an overall resistance throughout society.”

The call to drive Bush received additional signatories from the Black Congressional Caucus, including Major Owens (D-NY), Cynthia McKinney (DGA), Bobby Rush (D-IL). Twenty members of Congress are now calling for impeachment hearings.

Thousands gathering in Washington D.C. the following Saturday despite a torrential downpour. Beyond the rallies, activists disrupted several events by ranking Republicans.

Donald Rumsfeld was told to resign by one activst during a Pentagon briefing, and Travis Morales challenged a former director of the National Security Agency to a public debate over the wire-tapping scandal that may provide the first solid, impeachable offense for the president.

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