Why Puerto Ricans are So Damn Proud

Sierra Freeman May 12, 2006

Taken from a well-known chant that is shouted during the Puerto Rican Day Parade by crowds of people parading up the streets of Fifth Avenue, Yo Soy Boricua Pa’ Que Tu Lo Sepas, documents the history,
culture and struggles of Puerto Ricans on the island and in New York City. The film, which
recently appeared at the Tribeca Film Festival, marks actress Rosie Perez’s debut as a director
and comes just in time for this year’s June 11 Puerto Rican Day Parade.
The documentary interweaves the stories of Brooklyn-born Rosie, her family and other Puerto Ricans from New York City. At the heart of the film, Rosie seeks to explore the unavoidable question, “Why are Puerto Ricans so Proud?”
While the film concentrates on some of the most important events, politics and figures in Puerto Rican history, such as the conquest of the Taino Indians, the original inhabitants, the life of early 20th century independence leader Pedro Albizu Campos, and the U.S. occupation of Vieques, one can also learn
about Spanglish, the significance of Casitas, and what are Cuchifritos. In a very natural sense, the film is filled with humorous moments, vivid images of flying flags during the Puerto Rican Day parade and footage of Rosie as she travels to her ancestral home of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.
This documentary is a great introduction to Puerto Rican culture and history for those unfamiliar with it. The film will air on the Independent Film Channel on June 12 and rosieperezwill be screened at the University of Puerto Rico during the coming weeks.
Copies of the film will be provided to teachers upon request to IFC Television,

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  1. julie lopez says:

    Will this Documentary be available for purchace anytime soon? I do not have acess to that cable chanel……..Soy Boriqua y me gustaria obtenerlo……….Please let me know…I have a 11 year old daughter and I would like to share this with her………………Julie

  2. Ruth Evelyn Brayman says:

    There is a small cultural center here in my town of about 3000 (+-) ARMONA,CA. But I would like our local cultural center to be provided with a copy of this documentary to promote (with Pride … yeah!!) that latinos and latinas from other parts of the world make up some of the demographic population besides Mexico here in California. I will be watching IFC in my area when Ms. Perez’s film debuts on Monday night 6/10/06, I can’t wait to hear her point of view as a Boricua raised on the mainland of the U.S and her understanding of the Puerto Rican history. This native New Yorican born, (I) was taught with much alliance as a natural born citizen and pride that we did not have to have green cards to come and go because we were American by birth since 1917 and a U.S. territory since 1898 (¡Mi orgullo!). I remember as a kid, how it would hurt and irritate my mother when “so called educated” people she met or knew, did not have a clue about any of the U.S. commonwealths and how they attained that status, much less their own states histories.
    O.K. so., much power to Rosie with her film and her journey, maybe she will enlighten some of the people my mom used to come up against. My props to ya sista, just so you know too! Evie

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