The Beer You Like Supports the Developer You Can’t Stand

Scott Mx Turner Aug 11, 2006

Brooklyn Brewery, a heretofore favorite with Brooklyn-philes, has been a vociferous cheerleader for Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards project. Owner Steve Hindy, who built his business on the back of

Brooklyn’s history and mythology, backs a project that would overrun the borough’s special qualities with box-store blandness.

In February, the political sports fans’ group Fans For Fair Play launched a boycott of Brooklyn Brewery. The “Think Before You Drink” campaign intends to keep consumers who oppose Ratner from inadvertently aiding him.

Brooklyn Lager is a sponsor of Ratner’s New Jersey Nets basketball team, has hosted parties for the Nets, and owner Hindy has spoken publicly in support of Ratner’s luxury development. Fans For Fair Play and Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn met with Hindy, walked him through the neighborhood targeted by Ratner and presented him with evidence that Ratner’s skyscrapers and arena are bad for Brooklyn. The next day Hindy told the press he was 100 percent behind Ratner. So much for loving Brooklyn.

Brooklyn bars have stopped selling Hindy’s beer, including Freddy’s, the community pub that would be destroyed if Ratner gets his way. These days, “whattya got that isn’t Brooklyn Lager?” is being heard more and more.

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