Representing at the Ippies, The awards made us popular.
The Indypendent won 8 “Ippies” Oct. 27 at the Independent Press Association of New York’s annual awards dinner, the most of any paper in the city for the third consecutive year.The award winners are:Sarah Stuteville
1st Place Best Feature, Enemy Mine: The story of a Cambodian veteran’s personal war on landmines, Tribich
1st Place Best Editorial/Commentary, “Leaving Israel” Thompson
2nd Place Best Article on Labor Issues, “Immigrants Rising in Brooklyn”

Peter Holderness
2nd Place Best Photograph

Ryan Dunsmuir
2nd Place Best Overall Design (Pick up any issue)

Bennett Baumer
3rd Place Best Article on Labor Issues “A Lesson in Class: Momentum Shifts to NYU Students”″

Andrew Stern:
3rd Place Best Photo Essay: “CITE SOLEIL: Ballots & Bullets in Haiti”

Sarah Stuteville:
Honorable Mention Best Article on Immigrant Issues/Racial or Social Justice: “Student dissent at CUNY in peril: The trials of Miguel Malo”

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