Reader Comments and Corrections on 100th issue

The Indypendent Apr 5, 2007


In regards to your story on protesters blocking military shipments, (“StrykerBlockade Intensifies, Washington State Activists Attempt to Stop Iraq Weapons Shipment at Port of Tacoma”—March 15) the military chose Tacoma because Olympia simply wasn’t available (schedule conflict). It was done at night to avoid the horrendous traffic that is often found in the Tacoma area. The strykers simply don’t stop very quickly, and they wanted to avoid any possible collisions or other obstacles. There is plenty of support for this war and our troops. –NOT RETARDED

Congrats to The Indypendent on this milestone (“The Indy at 100”—March 15). This country has come a long way since Sept. 11 and so has this paper. Let’s hope The Indypendent is around for years to come, because God forbid this war is around for years to come.


Due to an editing error in (“Fighting Rape with Art”—March 15) the author’s point that the art world is “white controlled and sometimes racist,” was changed by adding “despite some high-profile shows like “Global Feminisms” currently at Brooklyn Museum. The sentence should read: “The male art world generally ignores the problem of violence against women and the feminist art movement is white controlled and sometimes racist, resulting in a low percentage of women of color artists in museums and galleries.”

Ana Nogueira’s name was misspelled (“The Indy at One Hundred”—March 15).

In (“Artists Blend Crafts at Bill-burg Studio”—March 15) the origin of the name ABC No Rio was incorrectly sourced. The space takes its name from the reflection of a decayed sign across the street that once said “Abogado Notorio” and looked as if it said “Abc No rio.”


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