How does The Indypendent Get Produced?

Amy Wolf May 18, 2007

How does The Indy get produced and distributed? you ask.

Love, dedication and very little money. If you care to support the newspaper, your contribution will go extremely far. One of those bundles that Jessica is loading into the trunk costs 10 bucks to print. Just think how many papers we could print if you you contribute $1000. For that size contribution you can have dinner with Jessica, Amy (not pictured) for that matter, hell, maybe Bennett will tag along too. Chris (also not pictured) will cook it, or we can choose to go out. Seriously though, we would probably have dinner with you for $750.
Jess anna

All photos by Amy Wolf. LENDING A HAND: Jessica and Anna working on Issue #102.


HEADLINE HUSSLE: Bennett and Sam discuss headline concepts. Bennett fights for alliteration.


ITS A GIRL: Anna, being birthed from Ryan’s neck, is excited to start designing spread 4-5.

JessLoadingiss 102

FILL ‘ER UP: Jessica starts a day of Brooklyn distro. By the end of the day that pile (whole pile not shown) will be distributed all over the People’s Republic of Brooklyn. Amazing! doesn’t that make you want to advertise with us?

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