Readers Comments on Global Warming Issue

Indy Readers Jun 27, 2007

Smaller Footprint, Please
Response to “Boiling the Planet: The looming climate crisis is no surprise,” June 7.
Thank you for pointing out what so many people choose to ignore. Our economic system based on ever increasing consumption is destroying the planet, whether the Earth warms or not. We need to decrease the human footprint — in every way. —Jani

A Clash of Cultures
Response to “How Capitalism Plundered a Continent,” June 7.
It’s always good to remind the “pale faces” of the systemic brutality and genocidal practices of the racist U.S. government. Native American societies stood in the way of the spread of Anglo business and domination — It truly was a clash of cultures. Capitalism’s birth in the New World required the domination and extermination of the Indians.—Tough Break

Go Vegetarian!

Response to “6 Things You Can Do Now,” June 7.
Folks should obviously stop eating meat and turn to organic vegetarianism or veganism. The Indypendent is a breath of fresh air when it comes to the source and the solution to global climate change.—Indy Reader
Rethinking Progress
Responses to “A New War on the Planet,” June 7.
While technology will have a role, the wheel of “progress” will have to be turned partially back. Solar energy, wind power, organic farming, biodegradable plastics, eco-friendly construction materials and compact fluorescent light-bulbs are the likely solutions. Simple living and high thinking is the way forward.—Vispi Jokhi

Over and over, we see attacks against biofuels based on the corrupt and unfair structure of international trade — and these are usually accompanied by claims that ‘biofuels will starve the developing world’. Well, the developing world is already starving, thanks to the trade deals engineered by the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and so on. This is not the fault of a molecule of biofuel it’s the fault of the ongoing human desires for wealth, power and luxurious lifestyles, complete with servants and slaves.—Ike
Is Hope Part of the Problem?
Responses to “Beyond Hope,” June 7.
Hope is often blinding. It makes one’s thoughts in the future and of a dreamworld, which sounds appealing, but causes us to lack a full and unbiased understanding, and even denial, of the current reality.—Sky

I respect where this writing is coming from, but I think hope is one of the few things that can lead to functional action and resistance. Hope can be misused, misplaced and manipulated. But I think hope is an essential tool to resisting the takeover by this dominant System. I don’t think we should let that System define and distort hope, distort something that is so incredibly powerful. To me, to give up hope would be like giving up love.—Hillary

Ivermectin for Humans