We’re Not Going to Cry Wolf, But We Really Need Your Help

Dec 19, 2007

We’re not going to lie to you. We’re not facing some dramatic crisis where we’re on the verge of closing our doors. We ran a tight ship this year, expanding the paper size, our circulation and our staff, and kept within our budget.

So we’d thought we’d try a novel approach. We would tell you the truth.

You see, one of the ironclad rules of fundraising is to gnash your teeth, rend your garments and wail that doom will rain from the heavens if you can’t raise enough money.

Frankly, it’s tiresome. Plus, why does anyone want to support a project that’s always in crisis?

The Indy has been a great success. We continue to win more awards from the Independent Press Association than the 100 other independent publications they consider. We published a critically acclaimed issue on global warming. We broke many important stories this year, including our latest expose on “Homegrown Terrorism” legislation in Congress that could criminalize all meaningful dissent.


We printed and distributed hundreds of thousands of papers for free last year, meaning we’re not just preaching to the choir. We’re out in the streets making a difference.

We need to raise $12,000 to keep going for all of 2008. It’s not much—barely $33 a day—but it’s the difference between survival and failure.

We want you to support the Indy because it’s growing and getting better.

We need your support now so we don’t have to beg every few months, like some progressive media outlets do.

Please help out in any way that you can. All it would take is 365 people to say, “I’ll support The Indy for a day” and donate $33. It’s not much money, but it’s that collective effort that adds up to a huge difference.

Think about how far your money goes. There are plenty of left-leaning magazines and radio shows that need to raise more than $10,000 a day to keep going. That’s equal to our annual goal!

We know there are lots of people out there who value the unique reporting in The Indypendent, whether it’s on housing, immigration, Latin America and the Iraq War or civil liberties, the Middle East, and much, much more.


So please give now, whatever you can, and help us get back to our regularly scheduled reporting.

Thank you,

The Staff of The Indypendent

P.S. We have all sorts of cool gifts for donations. For example, if you give $100 or more, or $10 a month, you can get a free autographed copy of either The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein or Blackwater by Jeremy Scahill.

P.P.S. We can also accept tax-deductible contributions. Just make out a check to our nonprofit sponsor “UCIMC,” write “The Indypendent” in the memo line and mail it to:

The Indypendent

4 West 43rd Street
Suite 311
NY, NY 10036

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