Documentaries about the War

Indypendent Staff Mar 27, 2008

About Baghdad
by Sinan Antoon, Bassam Haddad, Maya Mikdashi, Suzy Salamy and Adam Shapiro InCounter Productions, 2004. The first film made about Iraq after the fall of the Ba’ath regime.

Voices of Iraq
by the people of Iraq Booya Studios and Voices of Freedom LLC, 2004. Iraqis speak their feelings about Saddam Hussein, the U.S. invasion and the future of their nation.

War Feels Like War

by Esteban Uyarra In Focus Productions, 2004. Follows unembedded reporters and photographers who circumvented military media control to gain unfiltered access to the Iraq War.

The Road to Guantanamo
by Mat Whitecross and Michael Winterbottom Film 4, 2006. A docu-drama about the Tipton Three, a trio of British Muslims who were held in Guantanamo Bay for two years.

Battleground: 21 Days on the Empire’s Edge
by Stephen Marshall Artists/Media Cooperation and Guerrilla News Network, 2004. Three weeks on the front lines of the simmering insurgency in Iraq.

Control Room
by Jehane Noujaim Noujaim Films, 2004. A window into the international perception of the Iraq War, courtesy of Al Jazeera, the Arab world’s most popular news outlet.

The Blood of My Brother
by Andrew Berends Storyteller Productions, 2005. An Iraqi family copes with the loss of their son, shot by a U.S. patrol, and the growing Shi’a insurgency.

The Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror
by Audrey Brohy and Gerard Ungerman Free-Will Productions, 2005. Links oil interests with current U.S. military interventions.

Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers
by Robert Greenwald Brave New Films, 2006. Addresses corporate war profiteering.

Occupation: Dreamland (short)
by Ian Olds and Garrett Scott GreenHouse Pictures, 2005. Follows a squad of American soldiers deployed in Falluja during the winter of 2004.

Purple Hearts
by Roel van Broekhoven VPRO Television, 2005. Documents a fraction of the thousands of wounded soldiers returning from Iraq.

The Ground Truth
by Patricia Foulkrod Plum Pictures, 2006. Focuses on the effects of war through interviews with returned American soldiers.

Iraq in Fragments
by James Longley Daylight Factory, 2006 A three-part film following a Shia, a Sunni and a Kurd in post-invasion Iraq.

My Country, My Country
by Laura Poitras Praxis Films, 2006. A Sunni doctor campaigns for a seat on the Baghdad provincial council in 2005.

Buying the War
by Bill Moyers Bill Moyers Journal, 2007. Addresses mainstream journalists’ complicity in the Bush Administration’s build-up for war.

Leading to War
by Barry J. Hershey, 2006. A record of the Bush administration’s efforts to lead the country to war in Iraq.

Ghosts of Abu Ghraib
by Rory Kennedy Moxie Firecracker Films, 2007. Examines the abuses documented at Abu Ghraib prison in the fall of 2003 and related policy decisions.

Taxi to the Dark Side
by Alex Gibney Jigsaw Productions, 2007. Looks at the torture practices in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay.

Uncovered: The War on Iraq
by Robert Greenwald Cinema Libre Studio, 2004. Deconstructs the current administration’s case for war in Iraq.

Soldiers Speak Out (short)
The Empowerment Project, 2006. A first-hand account of the growing antiwar movement within the military and their families.

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