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The Indypendent Jun 6, 2008

Más Preguntas sobre MAS
Response to “Bolivia Begins to Unravel,” May 16:

Much more balanced article than other places. However, you fail to mention that La Paz is not the constitutional capital of Bolivia and that it became so through civil war when the west was the richest region in Bolivia. In addition, there have been various racial overtones from MAS [Movement toward Socialism party] itself. The reason why MAS is so vulnerable at the moment is that when the chips are down, they are always very pro-La Paz, pro-Aymara. Their opponents have been using that issue and MAS has fallen for it every time. Certainly, they have lost a lot of allegiance from Quechuas, particularly in Chuquisaca, former MAS stronghold and where the constitutional capital resides. Finally, MAS has been very careful to put YPFB, the national petroleum company, under the control of natives of La Paz. — Diego Escalera

Fight , Garinagu , Fight!
Response to “Last Paradise: The Mega- Tourism Industry Threatens a Caribbean Community and Culture,” May 16:

Garinagu, like English-speaking blacks in Honduras, Caribbean Maroons, the socalled “mestizos” and many other societies came out of a process: capitalism. This is what slavery was and modern slavery is. … As for the current situation of the Garinagu, the situation is critical. Capitalists, rather [like] criminals (Honduran government and the United States supranational organizations and companies, European Union and other associates) are seeking to vanish Garinagu from their lands. Fight, Garinagu, fight. —Anonymous

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