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Indypendent Staff Jun 25, 2008


Response to “Congress Approves Plan Mexico,” June 6:

The Mexican government shouldn’t sign “Plan Mexico” because of the repeal of various human rights acts the agreement requires of Mexico … not because of the money the United States already rightfully spends on illegal immigrants.

Wonder why we have so many immigrants in the U.S?:

1. Read about the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the role it played in displacing hundreds of thousands of Mexican farmers that were left with no other choice but to migrate to the United States.

2. Read about the genocide of women taking place in Ciudad Juarez, women that work for U.S.-owned factories that were started up through NAFTA.

3. Read about the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) and of the female genocide taking place in Guatemala with the rise of U.S.-owned factories.

4. Read about U.S. involvement in El Salvador’s civil war and how it helped the military of El Salvador massacre thousands of villages with U.S. money and weapons.

5. Read about U.S. involvement in Colombia through Plan Colombia and how U.S. aid is helping Colombia massacre its own people through a supposed “war on drugs.”

6. Read about the U.S. School of the Americas and how it has trained the youth of these Latin American countries to massacre its own people for the protection of U.S. corporations within Latin America.

If you don’t want any more illegal immigrants in the United States then maybe you should fight to get rid of U.S. corporate and military presence in these countries … instead of criticizing illegal immigrants and their home countries.



Response to “Preventing the Second Death of Sean Bell,” May 16:

Wow, author Nicholas Powers is so naïve. I don’t know why he was surprised. I mean come on — any conscious Black man in America should have seen this verdict coming. Instead of doing a treatise on his meditations of his own thoughts, maybe he should have focused on the grassroots efforts to get a truly independent monitor of the NY PD. There has been very little done since the initial protests because this is the way it always happens with these types of shootings and these demonstrations. We’re not going to keep Sean Bell’s memory alive because the impotency of the Black community and the injustice in this city has been shown over and over again — from Louima to Diallo to Dorismond, now to Sean Bell. Tragically, his name will be added to the long list of men whose lives were snatched by trigger-happy cops.

— Martha

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