Bolivian Rightist Calls Evo “Macaca”

Indy Staff Sep 17, 2008

The Bolivian Right is heating up its racist rhetoric and tactics after a national referendum which strengthened President Evo Morales’ hand. Read this article on about Bolivia:

Racist Rhetoric in Bolivia

By NIKOLAS KOZLOFF Fair skinned and European looking, Costas hardly resembles Bolivia’s indigenous president Morales.  Elected Prefect of the energy-rich, western department of Santa Cruz in 2005, Costas has become a key advocate for greater regional autonomy and a thorn in the side of the La Paz government.  Costas, like many of his white and mestizo racist followers, regard the Indians in the highlands with contempt.   The Santa Cruz politician would like to retain control over the lucrative gas industry and deprive the cash-strapped government in La Paz of much needed revenue.

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