Tune in to Citizen Journalists on Election Night

The Indypendent Nov 4, 2008

Break free from the corporate media tedium and join The Indypendent for a special night of election results produced by citizen journalists. A live web stream of Democracy Now!’s special election-night will be broadcast starting at 7pm EST.
Then at 10:30pm we will switch gears and stream a live one-hour election coverage and analysis broadcast by New York City’s Manhattan Neighborhood Network, featuring Indypendent reporters Steven Wishnia, Arun Gupta and Nicholas Powers.

Of course, we will be updating our IndyBlog as well as tracking your voices as you post news and comments to the The New York City Independent Media Center’s open-publishing website,

To see video from citizen journalists tracking problems at voting centers around the country, visit Video the Vote. To report problems at your voting center, please call 1-866-OUR-VOTE.

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