As Attacks on Gaza Continue, A Look Back at Coverage of Israel/Palestine in the Indypendent

Alex Kane Dec 31, 2008

Scenes of horror continue to unfold in front of the world’s eyes as Israel uses U.S.-made F-16’s to bomb the Gaza Strip in Palestine.  The Israeli strikes have killed nearly 400 Palestinians and wounded about 1600 as Israel’s defense minister vowed “a war to the bitter end against Hamas.”  Israel contends that the military response was necessary due to rocket fire from the Gaza Strip.  The violence follows a breakdown in a six-month old Egyptian-brokered truce that took place as Israel continued to blockade the Gaza Strip, severely curtailing vital medical supplies, food, and fuel to the 1.5 million residents residing in the impoverished coastal strip.

The Indypendent’s hard-hitting news and analysis on the conflict in the Middle East offers a much-needed antidote to corporate media spin and politicians’ attempts to justify Israeli aggression. Here is some of our Israel/Palestine coverage from 2006-2008:


“Freedom Surge:  Palestinians Break Through Gaza Wall,” by Osamah Khalil

“Gazans Resist by Surviving,” by Ramzi Kysia

“Defining an Occupation:  Voices about Apartheid in the Palestinian Territories,” by Jaisal Noor


“Roadmap to Apartheid:  Israeli ‘Peace’ Plan Points to Palestinian Prison State,” by Jeff Halper

“The Israeli Recipe For 2008: Genocide in Gaza, Ethnic Cleansing in the West Bank,” by Ilan Pappe

“Palestinian Grudge Match:  Fatah vs. Hamas,” by Chris Anderson

“Palestine Diaries,” by Matthew Cassel

“Health and Healing for a Divided City,” by Ellen Davidson

“Israeli Democracy:  Arabs Need Not Apply,” by Ellen Davidson

“Ratifying Apartheid: A Palestinian Village Withers,” by Fareed Taamallah

“The Long Road to Annapolis:  Historic Timeline of Palestine from 1917-2007,” by John Tarleton


“First Person: Leaving Israel” by Chloe Tribich

“’It’s Like We Are Dying,’” by Kristen Ess

“The Highway to Hell,” by Arun Gupta

“Israel Kills the Gaza Strip,” by Kristen Ess

“What Israel is Fighting For,” by Tanya Reinhart

“A Brief History of Zionism,” by Arun Gupta

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