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Indypendent Staff Jun 25, 2009

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7:30pm • $6-$15 Sliding Scale
FILM/DISCUSSION: “The Media and the
Hidden Wars of the Congo.” Gil Noble,
producer and host of WABC TV’s weekly
public affair, and Dr. Yaa Lengimngemi, a
scholar and Africana historian, will lead
the discussion.
Brecht Forum, 451 West St
212-242-4201 •

8pm • $10 Suggest ed Do nation
FILM: “Asylum City: A Video Project by
Active Vision.” This series is a compilation
of films made by young asylum
seekers from Africa that currently reside
in Tel Aviv.
The Living Theater, 21 Clinton St

7:30-9pm • FREE
WORKSHOP: “Occupation 101: Israel a
Colonial Creation” is the second of a sixpart
study group to discuss and examine
the history of Israel and the current
Middle East conflict.
Freedom Hall, 113 W 128 St
212-222-0633 •

7pm • FREE
DISCUSSION: “Breadline USA: The Hidden
Scandal of American Hunger.” This
discussion will feature Sasha Abramsky
and cover U.S. communities’ struggles
with food and hardships when money
runs out.
McNally Jackson, 52 Prince St
212-274-1160 •

6:30pm • FREE
FILM: “Arid Lands” focuses on the Hanford
nuclear site, its extensive clean-up
process and how the landscape affects
the community today.
Cupcake Café, 545 Ninth Ave
646-723-1749 •

5-7pm • FREE
DI SCUSSION: “Butch up on July 12.”
This Gather (The lesbian community
under one roof) meeting will focus specifically
on discussing gender perceptions
focused on lesbian identities or subcultures
focusing on “butch” women.
LGBT Community Center, 208 W 13th St

6pm-8:30pm • FREE
DISCUSSION: “Report Back from Gaza
and the West Bank.” This recounting of
current situations in Gaza and the West
Bank will feature a number of speakers,
including Medea Benjamin, Phil Weiss,
Felice Gelman and Manijeh Saba.
Brecht Forum, 451 West St
212-242-4201 •

7pm • $20
DISCUSSION: “The Ascendancy of
Obama… and the Continued Need for
Resistance and Liberation.” A dialogue
between Cornel West and Carl Dix.
Harlem Stage at Aaron Davis Hall
150 Convent Ave (at W 135th St)
212-281-9240 •

6-8pm • FREE
WORKSHOP: “Outdoor Composting
Workshop.” This workshop will focus
on composting techniques. At the end,
participants can purchase compost bins.
Registration required.
Community Garden, 6th St and Ave B
212-477-4022 •

6:30pm • FREE
FILM: “Radioactive America” focuses on
nuclear weapons and the repercussions
of radioactive waste and poor clean-up
Cupcake Café, 545 Ninth Ave
646-723-1749 •

7pm • $18
PERFORMANCE: “Las Escenas de la
Cruz (Scenes of the Cross)”
This play, as part of the Midtown
International Theatre Festival,
displays the struggles of immigrant
youth crossing the border from
Mexico into the United States through
true stories and oral histories.
Dorothy Strelsin Theatre
312 W 36th St, 1st fl • 866-811-4111

7:30pm • FREE
MEETING : “Park Slope Ethanol Coop.”
The Park Slope Coop is forming a special
co-op for renewable energy and the
production of locally-made ethanol to
power vehicles and heat homes.
Park Slope Food Coop, 782 Union St,
Bklyn • 718-622-0560 •

9:30am-6pm • $75-$95 Sliding Scale
CLASS: “Marxism: A Revolutionary Cure
for Capitalism’s Depression?” This 4-day
intensive workshop will feature many
authors and scholars, including Rick
Wolff, discussing Marxism and theoretical
and practical traditional introductions
to Marxism.
Brecht Forum, 451 W St • 212-242-4201

10am-4pm • FREE
SALE: “Pay The Rent Rummage Sale.”
This sale will feature a large collection
of household and clothing items that will
benefit Harlem’s Freedom Hall.
Freedom Hall, 113 W 128th St
212-222-0633 •

7pm • FREE
May Smile But The Heart Does Not
Forget: Murder & Memory in Uganda.”
This discussion will feature Andrew Rice,
a journalist who investigated Idi Admin’s
legacy in Uganda.
McNally Jackson, 52 Prince St
212-274-1160 •

7:30pm • $8-$15
Movement to Boycott Israeli Colonialism.”
This night will feature investigative
songwriter Dave Lippman, Palestinian
poet Remi Kanazi and music from the
Mahina Movement.
Brecht Forum, 451 West St •
212-242-4201 •

6:30pm • FREE
FILM SERIES: “Aftermath: The Remnants
of War” was released in 2001 and
focuses on the after effects of ended
wars such as Vietnam. Filmed in Russia,
France, Bosnia and Vietnam, it is part of
an evening film series held every Thursday
until Aug 7.
Cupcake Café, 545 Ninth Ave
646-723-1749 •

7pm • $10 Suggested Donation
EVENT: “55th Anniversary of Attack on
Moncada Garrison Celebration” marks
the start of the Cuban Revolution and is
sponsored by the July 26 coalition.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Labor Center
Auditorium, 310 W 43rd St • 917-887-8710

12-6pm • Do nation Request ed
CONFERENCE: “Greenworks NYC Public
Forum/Green Business Expo and Job
Fair.” This conference will discuss green
jobs, including how to build and manage
sustainable enterprises. Reservation
NY Academy of Sciences, 7 World Trade
Ctr, 250 Greenwich St, 40th fl
212-867-0846 •

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