Bicyclists Pay Tribute to a Pop King

Julia Dunn Jul 29, 2009

Bicyclists riding with Times Up! hit the streets to the sounds of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” July 24 as part of the group’s second Michael Jackson tribute bike ride.


Around 30 cyclists took part in the Friday night dance-ride throughout Manhattan. Participants played Jackson’s greatest hits from the Time’s Up! “sound bike”—a bicycle with pedal-powered speakers. The rider of the “sound bike” was dressed in black pants and a white shirt with dark black Jackson-style hair and a moustache. Other riders behind the leader were dancing and cheering as they happily pedaled after the “sound bike.”


The riders started out at Tompkins Square Park and made stops at other parks throughout Lower Manhattan.


In Union Square cyclists were met by a group of about 10 “zombies” dressed in ripped clothes and covered with white powder. Bikers and dancers then gathered in a performance of the classic zombie dance to Jackson’s “Thriller.” The crowd quickly grew to more than 100 participants, dancers and spectators.


“My favorite part of any event is when regular people get involved for just five minutes of their life,” said Bill DiPaola, executive director of Time’s Up!


Time’s Up!, a local environmental direct action group, also helps organize the monthly Critical Mass bike ride, which happens on the last Friday of each month.





1- The “Sound Bike” pedaler and zombie queen meet (Credit: Niko Courtelis)

2- Celebrators dance to “Thriller” in Union Square (Credit: Niko Courtelis)

3- Bicyclists hit the streets to “Beat It” (Credit: Julia Dunn)

4- MJ look alike and Times Up! member collaborate over the “Sound Bike”(Credit: Julia Dunn)

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