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Indypendent Staff Aug 13, 2009

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Response to “Georgia Parents Fight Military High School,” July 24: 

Way to watch your school board! So often boring, yet so important. I am thinking lately that much of the success of recruiting in schools comes about because the people who know what’s happening often are employees who have little power in the organization, and the citizens with the power only find out after the fact about what went on.
—Lisa from Maine

Response to “Bronx Cookie Workers Fight Buyout,” July 24:

We now have reason to believe that Lance, Inc. has backed out of the deal to buy the Stella D’oro brand from Brynwood Partners! This is a very important victory, although we cannot claim credit for it. Our efforts to pressure them and their investors probably had some impact, but no one can say for sure why they made their ultimate decision. But, whatever their reasons, it is wonderful news! In the meanwhile, we’d like to thank all of you for your help in defeating this damning deal between Lance and Brynwood Partners. Now it’s forward on to the next battle to keep Stella D’oro in the Bronx and under a union contract! —Stella D’oro Solidarity Committee

Responses to “Bacon as a Weapon of Mass Destruction,” July 24:

This is a powerful article, providing a detailed synopsis of a deeper string of issues associated with the fast food industry. Anyone who argues that independent farmers are having an easy time surviving in this age of factory farming clearly does not have a well-rounded understanding of the issues associated with this sickening industry. Fast food corporations need to be held accountable for an endless list of abuses that affect each and every one of us, monetarily, environmentally and physically.
—Geetha Thurairajah

Not to be missed concerning the changes in the meat-packing industry is the cultural devastation the lack of well-paying agricultural- related jobs have on the traditional way of life in rural America. Read Nick Reding’s Methland: The Death and Life of an American Small Town.
—jeanelle lust

American farmers use technological advances to build and operate modern livestock, poultry and crop production systems in the quest to provide high quality food to a hungry nation and world. Exaggerated articles like this and the associated comments spread misinformation, cause undue hysteria and damage the personal and professional reputations of many hard-working American farmers.
—Jerry Foster

This is right on. I did my thesis on disordered eating and my conclusion was that society was creating the addiction to (highly processed) food. The corporate food system is a really evil empire.
—Sandra Gardner

Response to “Revelation Revolution: A Review of Mark Rudd’s Underground: My Life with SDS and the Weathermen,” July 24:

If you check out on microfilm all the antiwar underground newspapers that were published in U.S. campus towns and many cities between May 1970 and May 1977, you’ll find that the Weatherpeople were regarded as countercultural folk heroes during this historical era … which is somewhat different than what’s now being presented in the Underground. —Bobf

Response to “Man in the Mirror: Michael Jackson,” July 24:

This is probably the best article I’ve read about Michael Jackson, and I agree that rather than gossiping about him, we need to learn from what happened to Michael over the years and, more importantly, why it happened.

Response to “Chained in Childbirth,” July 24:

I’m horrified and sickened by the fact that this nation is so uncivilized as to even uphold the practice of shackled childbirth.
—Geri Silva

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