One Year Since the Collapse: A Review of The Indypendent’s Economic Coverage

The Indypendent Sep 8, 2009

It’s been a year since that “so-called scary” moment, when it looked like global capitalism was going to destroy itself and everyone freaked out.

For a brief moment, when Main Street was outraged with Wall Street, there was room to dialogue on a national scale about this economic model. At the time, The Indypendent was there providing analysis and critique when it mattered most.

Now, a year into the economic collapse, the debate has been silenced. What began as a discussion about questioning the capitalist model has quickly turned into one focused on how to save the system — largely leaving the same problems and people in place. And at great expense to American taxpayers.

It’s important that newspapers such as The Indypendent continue to inform Main Street, and to keep our elected officials accountable for the decisions that have been made to address the severe recession that spun out of the act of defending this economic model.

Here is a list of The Indypendent’s best economic articles and analysis within the last year:

How to Wreck the Economy,” By Arun Gupta and Illustrations by Frank Reynoso

The Early History of the New Depression.” By Arun Gupta

It’s Housing, Stupid!” By Max Fraad Wolff

Bailing out the Bankrupt Ideology,” By Arun Gupta

Obamanomics: Why the Stimulus Plan Will Not Revive the Economy,” By Arun Gupta

Bronx Bakery Battle: Striking Employees Have Emerged As Symbols of Working-Class Resistance During Economic Crisis,” By Sarah Secunda

Bailing Out the Billionaires,” By Max Fraad Wolff

The Real Obamania: Why Big Business Is Lovin’ the Democrats,” By John Tarleton

Subprime Color Line: Brooklyn Retiree on Verge of Losing Home as Sub-prime Lenders Target Cash-Poor Black Seniors,” By Joseph Huff-Hannon

Asia’s Coming Fury: Sudden End of Economic Growth Could Spark Radical Protest,” By Walden Bello

No Sign of Economy’s Green Shoots,” By Max Fraad Wolff

The Road to Recovery,” By Arun Gupta

A Stalled Debate on the Economy,” By Arun Gupta

Wail Street,” By John Tarleton

Economic Downturn Crunches College Students,” By Chris Cascarano

It’s Time For A Taxpayer Revolt!” By Madea Benjamin and Arun Gupta

From Bubble to Rubble: $10 Trillion Home Mortgage Debt Tanks Economy,” By Max Fraad Wolff

A Better Way to Stimulate the Economy,” By Max Fraad Wolff

Inflation Nation: A Guide to Your Pocketbook Blues,” By Arun Gupta

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