Solid Gold Links, Sept 29

Anna Gold Sep 29, 2009

  • Architecture: DECOLONIZING ARCHITECTURE and Re-imagine the Peace Pentagon
  • Climate change: What makes Europe Greener than the U.S.? Conformists may kill civilizations; and New Front Group: “CO2 is Green”
  • GritTV: No Sustainabilty without Equity for All.
  • Video: G20: Epic Undercover Police Fail; Raymond Lotta: The Rape of the Congo & Your Cell Phone
  • Art: That is some bull!
  • The last keffiyeh factory in Palestine
  • From Matt Taibbi, An Inside Look at How Goldman Sachs Lobbies the Senate, and from The Nation, Meet the Hazzards
  • Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair
  • Design Tutorial: Creating a Propaganda Poster (related: Lenin As He Is Today)
  • The making of Glenn Beck
  • Visualizing the Distance to the Nearest McDonalds Restaurants
  • It would be cheaper to give illegal immigrants a round-trip ticket to Paris than to ban them in the health care reform bill
  • Buy Ivermectin for Humans