What happened to the Antiwar Movement? Presentation by Arun Gupta, Fri., 7 p.m. at Blustockings

The Indypendent Sep 11, 2009

Arun Gupta, founding editor of The Indypendent, will present an analysis and lead a discussion on why the antiwar movement dissipated and what it would take to rebuild it.

7pm • $5 suggested donation

The antiwar movement all but collapsed last year, as many leading antiwar groups argued that activists should fold their organizing into Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, which presented itself as opposed to the Iraq War. A year later, however, there are more U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq than they were under George Bush.

With record-high U.S. deaths in Afghanistan, more troops potentially on the way and an expansion of the war into a nuclear-equipped Pakistan, there are rumblings of opposition at the grassroots. Yet the same antiwar groups and leaders are still calling the shots.

To understand the failures of the antiwar movement, we must understand the nature of the wars being waged. Additional questions need to be examined, such as why has antiwar organizing been episodic? What is the nature of opposition to U.S. wars among the general populace? What are the politics, composition, strategies and tactics of an effective antiwar movement?

172 Allen Street • (212) 777-6028

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