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Indypendent Staff Nov 19, 2009

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Responses to “Drilling Deep Into Controversy,” Oct . 30:

If Pennsylvania’s rivers already can’t handle all the drilling wastewater from drilling in the state, how can New York’s wastewater be added to an existing problem? It’s time to get some scrutiny on all these drilling practices, before we record more fish kills and contaminated drinking water. —Robert

I grew up in the coal country of Pennsylvania where streams still run orange from mining pollution and where large piles of coal waste litter the landscape and continue to acidify the streams. Now it’s the same potential scenario in our wooded landscapes where hard-working people are desperate to make a buck, not often realizing the large risks that are masked by those companies seeking the gas. Many of the laws to regulate the mining industry back then were not in place but today we should have the tools to protect our rivers and drinking water. The only way we will not have another environmental catastrophe is to show up to meetings and hold our agencies accountable to enforce the laws on the books.

Responses to “Hate Crime Collision,” Oct . 30:

Sadly this happens all too often. I have not been physically assaulted, but I have been denied access to shops and verbally harassed because of my beliefs. Every time I go out there is a danger of something happening, but I leave it in God’s hands.

This is a good article. Something similar happened to my Muslim daughter here in Durham about two months ago, when her young children were in the car with her, too. I hope that the young sister will not stop wearing hijab. Then, you have let the others win. I am Muslimah for life, and will always be a hijabi for life, no matter what.

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