Housing is a Human Right Project Highlights Picture the Homeless’ Campaign Targeting Chase

Alex Kane Dec 8, 2009

Last week, I reported on Picture the Homeless’ ongoing campaign against JPMorgan Chase.  The homeless-led organization is pressuring Chase bank to utilize the vacant property they own around the city to create affordable, low-income housing.  Picture the Homeless members rallied outside JPMorgan Chase’s headquarters Dec. 3 and delivered a letter to an investment officer demanding a meeting with Chase regarding housing activists’ demands for a Homeless People’s Trust Fund and a Community Land Trust to create affordable housing.

Now, the folks at Housing is a Human Right, a multimedia project created by Michael Premo and Rachel Falcone on the struggle for housing justice in New York City, have produced a slideshow on the protest and the campaign.  Check it out below, and click here for a review by the Indypendent’s Irina Ivanova of Housing is a Human Right’s audiovisual exhibit in a laundromat in Brooklyn.

Picture the Homeless Chasing Chase from Housing is a Human Right on Vimeo.

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