The Indypendent Takes Home Five Ippies Awards for Excellence in Ethnic and Community Media

The Indypendent Dec 4, 2009

The Indypendent won a total of five awards at the 8th Annual Ippies Awards. The awards, which are sponsored by the New York City Community Media Alliance, honor outstanding work in the ethnic and community media in New York City. Over the past seven years The Indypendent has garnered a total of 50 Ippies. Congratulations to all of this year’s winners!

First Place, Best Feature Article, went to Jacob Scheier and John Tarleton for “The Anti-Bloomberg: Can I Get An Amen?” (Issue #139, Aug. 14, 2009). Jacob spent several months following Rev. Billy’s (and the rise of the neighborhood’s) campaign for mayor. John Tarleton contributed his editing skills and knowledge of New York City politics to the piece. John also won first place for Best Feature Article in 2003 and 2005.

Third Place, Best Article on Labor Issues, was awarded to Sarah Secunda and Joel Cook for their feature story on the Stella D’oro strike, “Bronx Bakery Battle” (Issue #133, Mar. 20, 2009). Sarah and Joel were some of the first reporters in the city to cover the strike, putting The Indypendent‘s coverage of the issue way ahead of other publications. Joel is responsible for the amazing photographs, which were taken over a series of interviews and while covering Stella worker actions.

Third Place, Best Photo Essay, honored Antrim Caskey, who captured a community in action in West Viriginia against the mountaintop removal coal mining. Her photo essay titled, “Operation Appalachian Spring,” which appeared in Issue #136, June 5, 2009, focused on telling the story of a community transformation. The effort to stop the mining started years ago by writing letters, attending hearings and lobbying in D.C., and has now evolved into a multi-tactical campaign that uses acts of non-violent civil disobedience and direct action to bring social and environmental change. To view more of Antrim’s photos, click here.

Second Place, Best Photograph, went to an Indypendent reporter who was able to snap this amazing photo with her digital camera. Karen Yi was writing about the story of a Senegalese woman trying to save her daughters from genital mutilation by fighting deportation from New York City. Karen helped set up the photo that has five of her six kids embracing her, with her back turned to the camera. The photo ran with Karen’s article about this woman’s struggle, “A Mother’s Nightmare” (Issue #137, June 26, 2009).

Second Place, Best Overall Design, was awarded to Indypendent design coordinators Anna Gold and Ryan Dunsmuir for their work on Issue #126, “Way To Go Wall Street!” which was published on Oct. 3, 2009. This issue included an illustrated essay, “How to Wreck the Economy,” which explained the causes of the financial collapse. Arun Gupta wrote the essay and worked with Indypendent art coordinator Frank Reynoso to develop the illustrations. With the help of Indypendent illustrator Gary Martin, this illustrated essay was transformed into a flash slideshow and went viral online, bringing important information about Wall Street to Main Street. This marks the fourth consecutive year that The Indypendent has won a first or second place for Best Overall Design.

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