Gazan Says They Are ‘Awaiting the Candles of Hope Outside’

Alex Kane Jan 1, 2010

The following message is from a youth activist inside Gaza named Majed Abusalama.  It is addressed primarily to the Gaza Freedom Marchers still in Egypt.

 Freedom dreamers in Gaza are awaiting the “candles of hope” outside 


One year after the Gaza massacre, it gladdens our heart to see all these supporters from around the world who regard us as their brothers and sisters, giving us enough positive energy to be optimistic that all the world will eventually stand up and tell the world leaders to stop settlements in the West Bank and break the Gaza blockade.


Yet, after all this waiting and protests, hunger strikes and demonstrations, the Egyptian government has allowed only 100 persons to cross to Gaza. We as the youth of Gaza say this is NOT sufficient to break the blockade. Gaza doesn’t want to be dependent on “aid.” And we don’t want a few people who are allowed to enter only once in a while. The Gaza people want to break the blockade completely and forever. We have already started small; now we need to go even bigger.


We are still waiting for everyone to cross and share his/her feelings with us, but even if Egypt keeps you out, your work in Egypt is critical. Egypt is one of the perpetrators of the blockade, and we so appreciate all the solidarity protests you have conducted at great personal risk throughout the great city of Cairo, at every important “nerve center.” You showed your support of Gaza and Palestine loud and clear, waking humanity up to the 1.5 million persons in Gaza who have been suffering for the past four years.


So please don’t stop fighting, no matter what happens. With your help, we will achieve peace and justice. We are marching for freedom together.


We are still waiting Gaza Freedom March to cross from Cairo and We are against Egyptian Government decision! Welcome in Gaza with Happy new year without Blockade, Settlements and Occupation!

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