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Indypendent Staff Jan 8, 2010

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Response to “Message to Homeless: Pay to Stay,” Dec. 11:

“Shame” is all one can say. The city should have a little bit of honesty, and not call it a “homeless shelter,” while it is a rental accommodation.
—Harbans Singh

Response to “One Student’s Question to the World: ‘Why the Palestinians? Why Are We the Only Ones Suffering?’” IndyBlog Jan. 1:

For almost the last three years, Israel has subjected Gaza to an illegal economic siege, which in itself constitutes a crime against humanity. Israel had, and still is, preventing the entry into Gaza of vital life and sustaining products such as food stuff, fuel, medicine and needed medical equipment, water purification equipment and many building materials. This is a genocidal crime using hunger and thirst as weapons
—Peter Hindrup

“Gaza Freedom March: Declaration from Cairo,” IndyBlog, Jan. 1:

Thanks for the detailed update and the great photos! After hearing that a number of Freedom Marchers had their cameras smashed, I’m happy to see that The Indypendent’s Ellen Davidson is still around documenting events and taking action shots.
—Ray Korona

Responses to “NYC School Closings Draw Heated Protests on a Bitterly Cold Day,” IndyBlog, Dec. 30:

Mayor Bloomberg is working his butt off to make sure poor kids get a chance at a good education and these protesters are slamming him for doing that and calling his reforms racist. That’s crazy!
—A Proud Liberal

Mayor Bloomberg and New York City School Chancellor Joel Klein set up schools to fail and then proclaim themselves to be saviors when they finish off these schools and hand over the buildings to their charter school cronies. It’s the classic right-wing strategy of defunding the public sector as a prelude to privatization. It’s amazing how many people fall for this bait-and-switch.
—Not So

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