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Indypendent Staff Apr 22, 2010

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Response to “Resisting the Nuclear Boom,” April 2:

I can’t believe that after 40 years of fighting the nuclear industry, I now have to fight my environmental brethren, too. Nuclear power is not an option to fight climate change. It is expensive, dangerous, you have to bury the waste deep underground, and nuclear plants are terrorist targets and permanent financial welfare cases. They are the last choice.

Whether we mine it here in the United States or somewhere else, nuclear power is going to increase worldwide. There are plenty of places to mine that are not near American Indian lands.

Response to “Cetacean Nation: Ocean Warriors Fight for Endangered Whales,” April 2:

The whalers hunt minke whales, which are by no means endangered. The Icelandic and Norwegian ships hunt fin whales, yet you make no mention of them at all, and Sea Shepherd completely ignored them after being kicked out of that part of the ocean.
—Jon Anderson

The issue is larger than you and me. There are species of animals being completely wiped out, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species has failed, and the only one trying to make a real difference is the Sea Shepherd. Japan has no regard for wildlife or its protections. The ocean is in trouble, and the only thing the government is worried about is who is going to get the most resources out of it and they don’t seem to care about protecting it at all. Let’s stand up for our oceans, whether it be Sea Shepherd or Greenpeace. Let’s just make a difference.
—Stop and Think

Response to “Brazilian Crackdown: It’s Giuliani-Time as Rio de Janeiro Goes for the Gold,” April 2:

It’s amazing when the Olympics come to a city, civil and human rights are thrown out the window. There was a strong protest movement for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada, contesting the large number of homes and neighborhoods that were decimated by the government to accommodate the games. But you didn’t hear much about the detrimental effects the Olympics have on the local community.
—Akosua Reed

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