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Indypendent Staff Jun 23, 2010

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Response to “A Look at Art and Public Pedagogy in New York City” June 2:

One of the problematic areas is that many of these groups keep one foot in the art world, and with their other foot, they are invested in and exploring education and the facets within education they have chosen (architecture, sociology, writing, etc). I’m sure they wouldn’t mind leaving the art world behind, so why don’t they? They could develop their program in a way where they wouldn’t need to listen to all the criticism of how this is or isn’t art and whether it’s affecting enough social change by offering real/tangible outcomes. Shall we ask painters how much social change their effect with their work? I think the proof of their importance is plain and simple — they are finding ways to change people’s perspectives on obligatory schooling.

Response to “Palestine Solidarity: One Woman’s Journey,” June 2:

I am an Israeli citizen living in New York for over a year now. I will start by stating that I cannot tolerate loss of innocent lives. The situation in the area I was born in is very grave. People of different cultures are using force against each other to try and control each other. What angers me is that this article has many facts about Palestinian casualties and suffering, but has no facts about Jewish casualties and suffering. I call that bad press.

News are supposed to be as objective as possible, yet this article sees just one side of the equation. Just like Debbie Mardon woke up to see how her country’s foreign policies help support 9/11, she should wake up to see the Israeli side as well. She seems like a classic western radical — for years living with her eyes covered, and then waking up one day and throwing out the baby with the water. I denounce one-sidedness, no matter who is doing it. Please open your eyes and give all the facts. Fox News does not do that, but neither do you. So that puts you in the same boat as them.
—Edo Ceder

Response to “Activists Recount Events on the Mavi Marmara,” IndyBlog June 18:

Thank you for covering the event. It was great to see so many people, not just Palestinians and Muslims, coming out to support these speakers.

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