Help Spread the News! The Indypendent’s Special Issue on Education Hits the Streets

The Indypendent Sep 17, 2010

The debate over the future of public education has been dominated in recent years by wealthy and powerful interests. This month, as millions of children return to school, The Indypendent is bringing forward a very different perspective in our back-to-school issue – that of parents, teachers, students and community activists whose voices rarely appear in the corporate media. We also look at the global  drive to commodify education in a beautiful center spread poster map and ask important questions about the purpose of education and what constitutes real learning.

We doubled the size of our normal print run to meet the demand for this issue because we believe in the power of an informed people to collectively change their lives and the lives of their children for the better. Now, we need your help. Please donate or subscribe today to help us keep The Indypendent going strong. For more, click here. If you would like to help with the distribution of this issue, please call us at 212-904-1282.

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