Indy Fall Fundraising Campaign: Got Dough?

The Indypedent Nov 22, 2010

A few weeks ago, at the start of our fall fundraising campaign, a professor from NYU wrote to us, noting that our recent issues were an “excellent … mix of politics, culture and theory.” He asked for 200 copies to hand out to his students, and enclosed a generous donation of $200 as well.

That simple act and statement was a wonderful affirmation of why The Indypendent exists. Many of our supporters – like Naomi Klein — say we are “unique.” Let us explain why.

We strive to help make profound social change possible, and not just tinker at the edge of capitalist decay. We think the general public can engage with deep analysis and theory, and wants more than celebrity gossip.

We hold that the Democratic Party is as responsible for war, poverty and global ecocide as Republicans.

And we are not beholden to any corporation, political party or wealthy funder. Which is exactly we have relied on the continuing support of readers like you for 10 years now.

More than 100 people have contributed already from $10 to more than $500, but we are less than halfway toward our goal of $20,000.

Only through a collective effort can we defeat the corporations, the warmongers and their allies in both parties, and that is why The Indypendent matters so much and why we need your support.

We don’t shift opinions with the wind; we come to our conclusions through a careful evaluation of the evidence. For all of 2008, we wrote that Obama might have been inspiring as a speaker, but that he would be disastrous as a president.

We take little comfort in being right. What does give us solace are the people and movements around the world engaged in the exhilarating, difficult and dangerous fight for a radically better future.

We don’t know if we can win. But we are sure as hell going to try, and your help today makes it easier. Please contribute generously today. Even just $20 makes a big difference. If everyone who read this contributed now, we can meet our goal and get back to doing the best damn journalism possible.

To contribute, go to or mail your check to
The Indypendent to: 666 Broadway, Suite 500,  New York, NY 10002  

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