New York City Council Asks Governor to Rescind Secure Communities Agreement

Deport Nation Nov 22, 2010

New York City Council members have introduced a resolution calling on Governor David Paterson to rescind the state’s Secure Communities agreement with ICE before he leaves office at the end of the year.

There is an urgency to the council’s request. Putnam County plans to activate Secure Communities “by the beginning of 2011,” and other counties could soon make similar plans. ICE has briefed law enforcement officials in at least a dozen other counties throughout New York state.

Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo has said he’ll review the program if Paterson doesn’t take action.

Secure Communities could impact hundreds of thousands of immigrants if it is activated in New York City alongside NYPD’s “Stop, Question and Frisk Program,” which disproportionately targets Blacks and Latinos. See an our in-depth article on this topic in The Indypendent.

Many were surprised Paterson opted to join the program in the first place. He created an Immigration Pardon Board on May 3 that would expunge the record of selected immigrants who face deportation because of a past conviction, but have gone on to become productive members of society.

Less than a week later, Paterson agreed to allow New York to participate in Secure Communities, a program that targets immigrants charged or convicted of crimes, as well as undocumented immigrants guilty of civil violations.

Here is Councilmember Ydanis Rodriguez (District 10) responding to a question from Deportation Nation‘s Renée Feltz:

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