Building a Powerful Left in the United States

ZCommunications Feb 8, 2011

Building a Powerful Left by elizabeththenderson
Guests: Norman Solomon, Ralph Nader, Cornel West, and Noam Chomsky

Norman Solomon, a leading progressive voice who just may be Congressman Solomon in the near future – here why he’s working within a Democratic Party that seems so adrift.

Ralph Nader brings to bear the wisdom of six decades of fighting the good fight as he summarizes strategies and policies he feels can revitalize American society.

Cornel West
reflects on how the spark of social justice can set a society aflame so long as we keep making the case – calling out injustice and building momentum.

Noam Chomsky
reminds us that it can be done; though the powerful few aren’t going to make it easy – but with perseverance and organizing there’s a world to win.

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