Interview with Jean-Bertrand Aristide: If Haiti’s Military is Restored, “We Are Headed Back to Misery”

Democracy Now! Mar 21, 2011

Former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and his family were flown on Friday by the South African government back to their home in Haiti after seven years in exile. Just before their journey, President Obama called South African President Jacob Zuma to try to prevent the trip. But the South African Government said it would not bow to pressure, so the Aristides boarded the flight in Johannesburg on Thursday night. Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman was the only reporter to join them on the journey. This is part one of our global broadcast exclusive conversation with Aristide as he flew over the Atlantic Ocean, approaching Haiti. “If we decide to go back when we had an army of 7,000 soldiers controlling 40 percent of the national product that would mean we are headed back to misery, instead of doing something to move from that misery to poverty with dignity,” Aristide says.

This video was originally published on Democracy Now!

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