Car Service Employees Call for Special Investigation of U.S. Dept. of Labor

Justice Will Be Served! Campaign May 24, 2011

Last Tuesday, workers and supporters called for the criminal investigation of special agents of the U.S. Department of Labor who obstructed justice by forcing witnesses to lie under oath and give false testimony. Special Agents Kenneth Jacoutot and Ray Yuan allegedly colluded with Yes Car Service Enterprise owner Tony Luo after the New York State Department of Labor had determined that the company drivers are employees and not independent contractors.

Tony Luo appealed the determination, and after several drivers testified in the hearings, Special Agents Jacoutot and Yuan interfered. They went to two of the drivers’ homes, threatened them with arrest and deportation and forced them to sign false statements to nullify their previous sworn testimonies.

Since 2009, 20 drivers of the Flushing New York enterprise have been organizing against sweatshop practices. The NY State Department of Labor has been investigating rampant misclassification practices in the car service industry.

Workers and supporters will called on the U.S. and New York State Attorney General to investigate and prosecute Special Agents Kenneth Jacoutot and Ray Yuan for obstruction of justice. For more, watch the video below, produced by the Justice Will Be Served! Campaign.

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