Weekly Calendar, 9/30-10/6

The Indypendent Sep 29, 2011

4pm • Free
RALLY: PROTEST POLICE HARASSMENT, BRUTALITY AND ATTACKS. Joining up with the #OccupyWallStreet protest at Liberty Plaza, over a dozen New York and New Jersey-based peace groups march from Liberty St. and Broadway to One Police Plaza in a coordinated rebuke of NYPD spying, harassment and kettling of protesters.
Liberty St and Broadway
212-633-6646 •

8:30pm • Free
CONCERT: CANCIONES DE CAMBIO, SONGS OF CHANGE. Join Gian-Carla and a live band for inspiring songs of liberation and popular struggle in the style of Nueva Cancion, Bolero, Trova and Latin American folklore.
Colors, 417 LaFayette St
212-777-8443 •

11:30am-1pm • Free
TOUR: EL MUSEO WALKS THE BARRIO. Discover well and lesser known jewels of Harlem. Walk the neighbourhood under the guidance of El Barrio Today Arts Cluster, a group of local organizations promoting the cultural richness of El Barrio.
1230 Fifth Avenue
212-831-7272 •

Noon • Free
EVENT: RALLY AND MARCH WITH SLUTWALK NYC. The world-wide grassroots Slutwalk movement to put an end to rape culture, victim blaming and “slut shaming” comes to NYC.
Union Square
917-279-3056 •

Noon-3:30pm • Free
RALLY: ANTI-NUCLEAR PROTEST. A nuclear free future might start at Hudson shore: The Coalition Against Nukes stage their flagship rally on Pier 95. Speakers include Rally speakers:  John Hall (former US Congressman, Musicians United for Safe Energy–MUSE), Harvey Wasserman (author of SOLARTOPIA!) and Kevin Kamps (Beyond Nuclear).
Pier 95, 11th Avenue at West 55th Street
212-477-0472 •

5:30pm • Free
TEACH-IN: ECONOMIC UPDATE WITH RICK WOLFF. Joining the Wall Street occupiers at the recently renamed Liberty Plaza, economist Rick Wolff explores the many reasons for our current economic crisis.
Zuccotti Plaza, Liberty St and Broadway

6pm-8pm • Free
SCREENING AND TALK: END OF SUBURBIA. The prescient 2004 film End of Suburbia warned that over-investment in the unsustainable suburban lifestyle would endanger the long-term health of the American economy. Director Gregory Greene will engage in a discussion with the audience after the screening.
BMW Guggenheim Lab, Houston St and Second Ave
718-786-5300×27 •

8am • Free
RALLY AND LIVE-IN PROTEST: STOP THE MACHINE, CREATE A NEW WORLD. Organized by this encampment will host daily assemblies, rallies and direct democratic actions against the corporate-military machine.
Freedom Plaza, Washington DC
202-688-2444 •

6:30pm-8pm • Free w RSVP
DISCUSSION: THE YIN AND YANG OF CONTEMPORARY ASIAN AMERICAN CULTURE. A graphic novelist, a New York Magazine editor and an author, come together at the MOCA for a discussion of Asian American culture and identity. Gene Yang, Wesley Yang and Jeff Yang speak about “Asian masculinity,” the evolving nature of Asian American identity the perils of “tiger” parenting. Outspokenness and provocation promised.
The Museum of Chinese in America, 215 Centre Street
212-619-4785 •

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