People’s Media: OWS

Manny Jalonschi Nov 1, 2011

With mainstream media being generally dismissive of the Occupy Wall Street protests, independent media outlets have filled the void with everything from breaking news and information on how to get involved to thoughtful analysis. For more, see:

Occupy Together
Launched after sister occupations took hold in cities outside of New York, this website connects over 400 occupations from across the country.

Occupy Wall Street
The original Occupy website, it features video from protests, daily schedules and news from other occupations.

This culture-jamming Canadian magazine initially put out the call to occupy Wall Street and continues to support the occupations.

Occupy Wall Street Tumblr
This website features news, photos and more from occupations across the United States.

We are the 99 Percent Tumblr
Over 2,000 stories and pictures are shared here by members of the 99 percent.

The Indypendent

This New York-based newspaper and website has been providing in-depth coverage since the start of the occupation.

The Occupy Wall Street Twitter Feed
A consistent source for breaking news related to the occupation.

The Occupied Wall Street Journal

Founded by New York journalists and activists involved in the Occupy movement, the paper has seen print runs of up to 50,000.

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