The Faces of a Mass Action

Indy Staff Nov 23, 2011

On November 17, over 30,000 protesters marched throughout the streets of New York City in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street’s anti-corporate message. Violent arrests and fluid actions were the order of the day. The day concluded with a massive rally that would see tens of thousands marching the length of the Brooklyn Bridge to bring their message of political and economic change directly to the people of New York. This massive protest was the culmination of dozens smaller sit-ins, rallies and protests throughout the city. Below we bring you some images of those rallies.

The day began with a series of rallies near Wall Street in the financial district.

In the afternoon, another new contingent would join the swelling protest. This time students from around the city flooded into Union Square to voice a unified call for quality, affordable public education.

Photos by Amelia Krales

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