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2011 has been a remarkable year and at The Indypendent we have been busier than ever – covering grassroots movements that are changing the world, exploring big ideas that help us see the world anew and bringing forward the voices and the lived experiences of our fellow 99 percenters who struggle for justice and dignity outside the eye of the mainstream media.  

Below are 52 of our best stories from 2011 – one for each week of the year – from Tahrir Square to Occupy Wall Street and everywhere in between. We hope you enjoy reliving 2011 through the pages of the Indy as much as we did. Heading into 2012, we look forward to doing more great work, but we need your support now
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The Arab Spring 
Before Occupy Wall Street 


Occupy Wall Street 
The Economy 
Immigrant Rights 


Energy & The Environment

War on Drugs 
Civil Liberties
New York State Legislature 
Electoral Politics 
New York City Life 
More International Coverage 
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