NYPD Wrongfully Arrested Participants of Occupy The Bronx Festivities

Occupy The Bronx Dec 6, 2011

On Saturday, December 3, 2011, Occupy the Bronx was scheduled to conduct its roving General Assembly in solidarity with Morning Glory Garden gardeners at 11 am. However, upon arriving we were preempted by NYPD Captain Garcia and his legal gang – including some in “community” affairs attire – under his command from the 40th Precinct who began randomly arresting Bronxites, including Shaun Lin, Carlos Sabater, David Suker, Alex, and a sister who was merely there as an independent writer for allegedly “blocking pedestrian traffic” and congregating without a permit.

At the time of the arrest, there weren’t many of us there, but we were as vulnerable to arrest as anyone else and as vulnerable as those who were indeed wrongfully arrested without cause.

This Wednesday at 6p.m. at Lincoln Hospital, we invite you to confront the 40th Precinct at the precinct council’s monthly meeting to expose the inconsistency of this precinct’s policing practices within the Mott Haven, Melrose, Port Morris sections of the Bronx; to stand up for Shaun’s, Carlos’, David’s, Alex’s, the sister’s, and the Bronx’ collective dignity; and to demand Deputy Inspector Christopher J. McCormack reign in his crew in all shades of blue!


At the Bronx general assembly, there are numerous causes being fought for, all spearheaded by a single principle of community control and self-governance. The people in the Bronx should decide how things are run in the Bronx–in our schools, hospitals, streets and neighborhoods.

General Assemblies take place every Saturday at 11a.m., rotating locations each week:

1st weekend of every month: Fordham Plaza
2nd weekend of every month: 149th St. & 3rd Ave aka The Hub
3rd weekend of every month: Plaza by the Hunts Point Ave 6 train station
4th weekend of every month: Gun Hill Rd and White Plains Ave

Visit: for more information, and join our community page on Facebook!

This article was originally published by Occupy the Bronx

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