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Indy Staff Dec 28, 2011

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2011 has been a remarkable year and at The Indypendent we have been busier than ever – covering grassroots movements that are changing the world, exploring big ideas that help us see the world anew and bringing forward the voices and the lived experiences of our fellow 99 percenters who struggle for justice and dignity outside the eye of the mainstream media.  

Below are 52 of our best stories from 2011 – one for each week of the year – from Tahrir Square to Occupy Wall Street and everywhere in between. We hope you enjoy reliving 2011 through the pages of the Indy as much as we did. Heading into 2012, we look forward to doing more great work, but we need your support now
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Issue 161

The Arab Spring 
“Revolutions in the Information Age: Reflections on the Tunisian Uprising” by Stuart Scharr
“How Egypt's Progressives Won” by Paul Amr
“The Poetry of Revolt” by Elliott Colla
“Bahrain at the Crossroads” by Cortni Kerr & Toby Jones
“Dispatches from Egypt's Revolution” by Sharif Abdel-Kouddous
“Hope and Fear with Libya's Rebels” by Anjali Kamat
“Morocco: Can Dinosaurs Become Butterflies?” by Stuart Scharr
“Egyptian Workers Labor on an Unfinished Revolution” by Ari Paul
Before Occupy Wall Street 
“New Yorkers Unite to Fight the Rich: But Can They Win?” by John Tarleton

"Bloombergville Lives: Consigned to a Sidewalk Across from City Hall, Protesters Refuse to Give Up But Struggle to Increase Their Numbers” by John Tarleton

Occupy Wall Street 
“Change the World, Occupy That Square” by Costas Panayotakis
"The Wall Street Occupation: A Sleep-In Protest in the Shadow of Power" by Manny Jalonschi
“The Revolution Begins at Home: An Open Letter to Join the Wall Street Occupation” by Arun Gupta
“We Contain Multitudes: A Photo Essay from Liberty Park” by Amelia Holowaty Krales, Ashley Marinaccio, Julie Turkewitz and Liz Borda
“How Liberty Park's Ragged Utopia Is Changing the World” by Nicholas Powers
“Labor Finds a Young Soulmate” by Ari Paul 
“Not the 99%: How Police Unions Protect the Privileges and Pensions of NYC's 'Finest' by Ari Paul
“Resist, Reclaim, Recreate: A Photo Essay from Occupy Our Homes in East New York” by Andy Stern with Liz Borda
“OWS Finds a Home” by Nathan Schneider

Issue 169

The Economy 
“Washington's Theater: Real Deficits, Fake Budgets” by Richard Wolff
“Indebted to Lies” by Arun Gupta
“The Invention of Debt: An Interview with David Graeber” by Irina Ivanova
“GOP Targets Fragile Gains of Home-Based Caregivers” by Steve Early
“ROCing the Restaurant Industry” by Dania Rajendra
“The Verizon Strike: Worker Strength or Missed Opportunity?” by Ari Paul
Immigrant Rights 
“Insecurity Hits Home: Two Counties in Lower Hudson Valley Are First to Join Controversial Immigration Enforcement Program” by Renee Feltz
Photo Essay: Ravi Ragbir Freedom Fighter by Renee Feltz & Sophie Forbes

"The Unbearable Whiteness of Being: How Changing Demographics Will Upend White People's Sense of Identity, History and What it Means for the Rest of Us" by Linda Alcoff

Energy & The Environment

Issue 168

“The Global Nuclear Regime & Japan's Post-Fukushima Meltdown” by Sabu Kohso
“Why Nuclear Power Must Go” by Chris Williams
“How to Green the Planet” by Chris Williams
War on Drugs 
“If Prohibition Is a Failure, What Would Legalization Look Like” by Steven Wishnia
“Hondurans Pay the Price for Failed Drug War” by Ryan Deveraux
“Inside Mexico's Peace Movement” by Kristin Bricker
Civil Liberties
“People's Lawyer: The Gropes of Wrath” by Ann Schneider
“'I Was a Domestic Terrorist': Tales from a Post-9/11 America” by Brad Crowder
“The Knowledge Factory” by Stanley Aronowitz
“Life Under Feudalism: Rethinking the Internship Explosion” by Irina Ivanova
New York State Legislature 
“Tenants Denied” by Steven Wishnia
“Property Tax Deal Sets the Stage for Fiscal Crisis” by John Tarleton
Electoral Politics 
“The Mass Psychology of Liberalism” by Stanley Aronowitz
“Exiled in the Promised Land: Why Black America Won't Walk on Barack Obama” by Nicholas Powers
New York City Life 
“Scavenging the City: How NYC's Canners Make a Living One Nickel at a Time” by Erika Eichelberger
“Biking in New York City” + “Eating Your Way Around the World” by Arun Gupta
“Busking 101” by Erika Eichelberger
“How the Twin Towers Transformed New York: An Interview with Eric Darton” by John Tarleton
More International Coverage 
“Haiti, A Nation in Fragments Faces the Future” by Isabel Doucet
“Global Youth in Revolt” by Costas Panayotakis
"We Are All Spaniards: 'Hostages of Hostages' No More” by James D. Fernandez
“Finding Light in Dark Times: Notes from Inside the Occupied West Bank” by Alex Kane
“Iraq's Uncertain Future” by David Enders
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