Indy Weekly Events Calendar, January 13-19

Indy Staff Jan 14, 2012

8pm • $15/$18 Sugg
CONCERT: MARIE MULARCYK O’CONNELL WITH  A JOYFUL NOISE AND SONGS OF THE PEOPLE FROM THE ENGLISH MUSIC HALLS.  This double-bill concert features Marie Mularczyk O'Connell and a Joyful Noise, a woman’s quartet devoted to love, joy and peace, as well as Heather Wood, David Jones and Jerry Epstein, who will present songs from music halls of the Victorian and Edwardian period, a source of entertainment for the labouring classes of the era.
People's Voice Cafe, 40 E. 35th St.
212-787-3903 •  

2-7pm • Free
MARCH: OCCUPY THE DREAM. Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street activists will march to once more call forth Dr. King’s dream of social and economic justice. Starting at 2pm sharp, protesters will slowly march most of the length of Manhattan, from Liberty Park in the downtown financial district up to Harlem, where the march will culminate in a vigil with the uptown community.
Liberty Park, Broadway & Liberty St.

3-9pm • $5 Sugg
PERFORMANCE: POST-INDUSTRIAL SOUNDTRACK & DETROIT DELUXXE. Wear your dancing shoes and explore the global impact of Detroit’s musical landscape through a live concert and mixed-media exhibit.
Queens Museum of Art, New York City Building
718-592-9700 •

6:30pm • Free
CANDLELIGHT VIGIL AND MARCH: OCCUPY WALL STREET HONORS THE SPIRIT OF DOCTOR KING. Members of Occupy Wall Street join local activists and members of the black community for a candlelight vigil and celebration renewing King’s message of peace, justice, and equality for all, regardless of race or economic class.
Church of St. John the Divine,1047 Amsterdam Ave.
631-291-3010 •

9-11am • Free
RALLY: A JOURNEY OF LIBERATION. Faith leaders join Occupy Wall Street on the exact site where Wall Street’s slave auction block used to be to call attention to the economic exploitation the wealth of the 1% is still based on.
African Burial Ground, 290 Broadway

1pm • Free
RALLY: OCCUPY FOR JOBS. With over 1 million unemployed in New York City, Occupy Wall Street and numerous local groups honor Dr. King’s legacy of economic justice by calling for the start of a massive jobs program and the expansion of unemployment benefits.
Union Square, 14th St. & Broadway
347-602-1584 •

3pm • Free
SPEAK OUT AND CELEBRATION: UNITY DAY. Occupy Sunset Park, Occupy Brooklyn and Occupy the Hood host a bi-lingual celebration of the 99% with food, music, speak-out sessions and guest speaker Felipe Luciano.
Trinity Lutheran Church, Fourth Ave. & 46th St., Bklyn.

10:30am • Free
REPORT LAUNCH AND ACTION: “DISCOUNTED JOBS: HOW RETAILERS SELL WORKERS SHORT.” During the National Retail Federation’s Expo, the Retail Action Project will demand better wages and working conditions for the 1 in 4 Americans that work in retail.
Javits Center, 36th St. & 11th Ave.
646-490-5925 •

6:30-8 pm • Free
READING AND DISCUSSION: INTEL WARS. Author Matthew M. Aid provides a sobering report on the state of America’s intelligence operations from the invisible frontlines of Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere around the world in a discussion of his new book.
Cooper Union, Menschel Boardroom, 41 Cooper Sq.
212-353-4195 •

7pm • $5 Sugg
SCREENING AND PRESENTATION: I HAD AN ABORTION. On the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, RadFem and Soapbox Inc. host a screening and presentation of I Had an Abortion, which personalizes an often abstract debate.
Bluestockings, 172 Allen St.
212-777-6028 •

7pm • $25
DISCUSSION: OPENING NIGHT, TARIQ ALI AND OLIVER STONE ON HISTORY. Writer and filmmaker Tariq Ali and film director Oliver Stone will continue their ongoing discourse about "forgotten–or deliberately buried–episodes" from American history from the US intervention against the Russian Revolution to the ongoing interference of the United States in Pakistani political affairs.
Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, Fifth Avenue & 42nd St.

7pm • Donation Sugg
FILM SCREENING: ISRAEL VS. ISRAEL. This is a rare, one time only screening of a documentary about the Israeli Peace Movement and the various reactions to it within Israel. The screening will be followed by a discussion with the film’s director.
Brooklyn Free School, 372 Clinton Ave., Bklyn
718-624-5921 •

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