Indy Within $8K of Fund Drive Goal!

Indy Staff Jan 12, 2012

Indy Within $8K of Reaching Winter Fund Drive Goal! Please Give Now.

What does it mean to have a newspaper that listens closely to the social movements of the 99% instead of trying to marginalize them?

Quite a lot judging by the generosity of Indy readers. Our winter fund drive totals cleared $20,000 last week – the most we've ever raised – and now we are within $8,000 of reaching our goal of $30,000.

If you haven't given already, please consider doing so. Your support for independent media that is smart and fearless makes our work possible. To keep the Indy going strong in 2012, click here. Every little bit makes a difference.

Thank You, The Staff of The Indypendent

P.S. We posted the "Best of the Indy 2011" a couple of weeks ago. Many of our supporters have told us how much they have enjoyed going back and reading our best coverage from last year. To find out why, click here To find out why best-selling authors Naomi Klein and Jeremy Scahill want you to support the Indypenent, click here.

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