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New York Students Allege Police Harassment for Fighting School Closure

Jaisal Noor May 11, 2012

In the Bronx, NY, community members are rallying behind student leaders alleging police harassment.Sixteen year old Lehman High School sophomore Malik Ayala says he was organizing students to oppose the closing of his school when he was detained by school authorities and police officers. Ayala alleges he was also targeted by the police two weeks later, this time for recording a "stop and frisk."

Another student, 18-year-old senior Xsavier Daniels, says he was detained for five hours on the morning of May 1 and questioned for helping organize a May Day walkout. Both Ayala and Daniels have been vocal student leaders in the movement against recent school closures in the city. Activists want charges dropped and 5,000 police removed from New York public schools.


This article was originally published by The Real News.

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