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Dec 27, 2012

Dear Friend,

2012 has been a memorable year and at The Indypendent we have been busier than ever – covering grassroots movements that are changing the world, exploring big ideas that help us see the world anew and bringing forward the voices and the lived experiences of those who struggle for justice and dignity outside the eye of the mainstream media. 

Below are 52 of our best stories from 2012 – one for each week of the year – from Hurricane Sandy and the rebirth of the Occupy movement to grassroots struggles for justice across New York City and around the world. We hope you enjoy reliving 2012 through the pages of the Indy as much as we did. Heading into 2013, we look forward to doing more great work, but we need your support now.

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Climate Change, Hurricane Sandy

“Why Climate Change Is Everywhere But in the News” by Indypendent Editors

“The Day After Hurricane Sandy” by Nicholas Powers

“For Sandy’s Responders, Saying Thanks Isn’t Enough” by Ari Paul

“On the Waterfront” by Tom Angotti

“Battle for the Rockaways: Hope Emerges Amid the Ruins” by Laura Gottesdiener

“Reporter’s Notebook: Inside the Doha Climate Conference” by Renee Feltz

“Changing the Political Climate” by John Tarleton



“Dreaming Big OWS Organizers Plan Spring Offensive” by Nathan Schneider

“How to Succeed in Reoccupation Without Really Trying” by Nathan Schneider

“How Occupy Got Religion: Ties to Friendly Churches Spur Movement’s Rebirth” by Nathan Schneider

“OWS and Strike Debt Taking Aim at the Ties That Bind the 99%” by Yates McKee

“Tales of a Student Loan Survivor” by John Tarleton

Photo Essay: “Generation Debt” by Elizabeth Henderson and Ashley Marinaccio



“Jim Crow America” by Nicholas Powers

“The Police Think We’re Animals” by Nicholas Powers

“Your Daughter Has Been Arrested” by Agnes Johnson

Photo Essay: “Ten New Yorkers Share Their Experiences of Being Stop-and-Frisked”

“To Be Young, Targeted and Black” by Mike Newton

“Immigrant Dragnet: Feds bring controversial program to NYC” by Renee Feltz

“Naked Abuse of Power” by Ann Schneider

“Wooing White America” by Linda Martin Alcoff

Photo Essay: “Unchaining Minds” by Babita Patel

“Obama Seeks Power to Indefinitely Detain” by Ann Schneider

“Her Song in a Pill” by Nicholas Powers



“Cornered: How the Grid Continues to Shape New York” by Irina Ivanova

“Rebel City” by Mike Newton

“Bohemia Goes Big Bucks” by Bennett Baumer

“Barclays Bait and Switch” by Daniel Goldstein

“Revolution You Can Dance to” by Irina Ivanova

“Collision Course” by Ari Paul

“Tunnel Vision” by Nicholas Powers

“If I Had a Hammer” by Jane LaTour

“Finding a Future: Summer jobs program can’t meet demand” by Alina Mogilyanskaya

“How Real Estate Splits the Labor Movement” by Ari Paul

“Tenants Catch a Break” by Steven Wishnia

“Renters in the Hands of a Corrupt Senate” by Steven Wishnia

“New York’s Food Future” by Thomas Forster & Nathan Forster

“Groceries for the Rich, Diesel Fumes for the 99%” by Alina Mogilyanskaya

“Food for Thought: An Interview with Anna Lappe” by John Tarleton




“Egypt: A Year After Tahrir” by David Enders

“Africa’s Frankenfoods” by Paige Aarhus

“Greece Between Austerity and Fascism” by Chris Spannos

International: Quebec Student Strike Wins Big by Scott Montreal

“Worker-Run Factories Spread in Venezuela” by Ewan Robertson

“Living Under Drones by Elizabeth Henderson




“Walking Away from the Black Church” by Ai Elo

“Love Without Boundaries” by Ichi Vazquez

“Affirming the Outsider’s Eye: Adrienne Rich’s Legacy” by Jessica Max Stein

“Gay Marriage Endangers Queer Community” by Jessica Max Stein

“Take My Kids, Please” by Ann Schneider

“How Feminism Liberates Men” by Nicholas Powers

“When Domestic Violence Hits Close to Home” by John Tarleton

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