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Fund Drive: Readers Weigh In

Indypendent Staff Jan 3, 2013

Supporters of New York's newspaper of the 99% have been speaking out on its behalf.

"Please support The Indypendent” says Isabelle Nastasia an organizer with New York Students Rising and the Brooklyn College Student Union and a contributing writer at “They have been an incredibly important part of my political formation and a great grassroots news source.”

“Support The Indypendent – the paper that started my journalism path and that continues to churn out radical, well-reported articles that look at the deep roots of global crises,” writes Alex Kane, World Editor at Alternet and Assistant Editor at Mondoweiss.

“We DO have alternative press. Let’s keep it going,” says Occupy Wall Street stalwart Chepe El Necio.

“I love The Indypendent and you should too,” says experimental theater director Ashley Marinaccio while New York City attorney Ann Schneider adds, “What a debt of gratitude we owe independent journalism… Long live the Indy!”

That’s just some of what our supporters have been saying about us on Facebook this week as we enter the home stretch of our annual fund drive.

Why the lavish praise?

Perhaps it’s because for the past 12 years we have been there every step of the way following and analyzing grassroots politics and social movements and giving voice to those fighting for a fairer and more just world.  Or maybe it’s because we consistently provide our readers the kind of excellent reporting and writing that inspires Jeremy Scahill to call The Indypendent “the best paper in the city” and Naomi Klein to describe us as “utterly unique,” a paper that “reports on the whole world as a collection of neighborhoods all struggling for justice.” Others might say it’s because we’ve helped nurture and train a new generation of radical journalists.

But now, we need your support. We are almost halfway to our goal of raising the $20,000 we will need to keep the Indy strong and vibrant in 2013. Will you stand with us?

Can you give $25, $50, $100 or more? Whatever gift you make is a tremendous help. But please give now while it’s on your mind!

Thank you for your support,

The Staff of The Indypendent

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