Uprooting the Warpath

Nathan Schneider Jan 21, 2013

Nathan Schneider
Department of Defense

Let me start by making my office better resemble its title: Secretary of Defense — not Secretary of Discretionary Drone Strikes, or Secretary of Maintaining a Massive Military Presence in Every Corner of the World, or Secretary of Useless Weapons Systems Made in Key Congressional Districts, or Secretary of Support for the Israeli Occupation. I will calibrate my office to the defense of a country that has not faced the threat of military incursion for more than half a century and whose primary threats today appear to be small bands of fighters whose cause is only strengthened by a large-scale military response. The money saved from doing so will bring a truer kind of security by paying off the national debt, ensuring basic necessities for all people and forestalling what the Pentagon has already identified as a dire threat to global security: climate change.

I will cut spending. I will do more by doing less. Bring it on, confirmation hearings.

Nathan Schneider is an editor of He is also an editor at Killing the Buddha. Visit his website at

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