I Am Bradley Manning: Video Release

I Am Bradley Manning Jun 20, 2013

Editor's note: the recently released I Am Bradley Manning PSA features Indy co-founder Ana Nogueira on its production team.

Ft Meade: A full length video PSA (4:39) in support of Bradley Manning was released on June 18, featuring celebrities and journalists calling for the government to drop the dangerous "aiding the enemy" charge.  The video follows a short teaser video that surfaced at the beginning of Manning's court martial, and calls for an end to Obama's war on whistleblowers – now even more salient in light of whistleblower Edward Snowden's public disclosure of information about secret NSA mass surveillance programs on US citizens, during Manning's historic trial.

The video calls against the reckless prosecution of Bradley Manning by the Obama administration, as well as the importance of whistleblower protections.  Manning's trial, expected to last several more weeks, could open other whistleblowers like Edward Snowden to the death penalty if the government is successful in their prosecution.

This video was created by volunteer producers around the country for the grassroots #IamBradleyManning campaign, where thousands of supporters have already shared photos of themselves in support at

The video can also be viewed here:

To schedule interviews with contributors, please contact:

Logan Price (logan@riseup.net206.234.2060) or Ana Nogueira (ana@riseup.net917.445.4619)

Appearances include:

Oliver Stone, Award winning filmmaker, JFK, Natural Born Killers 

Maggie Gyllenhaal, Award winning actress, Donnie Darko, Secretary

Peter Sarsgaard, Award winning actor, Dead Man Walking, The Killing

Russell Brand, Award winning actor, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Arthur, Despicable Me

Phil Donahue, The Phil Donahue Show

Tom Morello, Musician, Rage Against the Machine

Moby, Musician

Roger Waters, Musician, Pink Floyd

Daniel Ellsberg, The Pentagon Papers

Alice Walker, Award winning author, The Color Purple

Angela Davis, Activist and author

Wallace Shawn, Award winning actor and playwright, The Princess Bride, My Dinner with André

Matt Taibbi, Author and journalist, Rolling Stone, Men's Journal

Chris Hedges, Award winning author and journalist, War Is a Force that Gives Us Meaning

Michael Ratner, Director, Center for Constitutional Rights

Lt. Dan Choi, LGBT rights activist, former US Army infantry officer 

Hakim Greene, Hip hop artist and member of Channel Live

Michael Cavadias, Award winning actor, Wonder Boys

Allan Nairn, Award winning investigative journalist

Tim DeChristopher, Climate activist 

Molly Crabapple, Award winning artist 

Jeff Madrick, Award winning economist and journalist 

There is no evidence that anyone died as a result of the leaked information, yet Bradley faces life in prison or possibly death. 

As the public who benefited from this information, does that make us the enemy?

An earlier version of this release was issued by the I Am Bradley Manning production team.

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