Our children must feel safe at school and parents must be

Sep 24, 2013

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best hermes replica handbags Instead of infringing on someone’s Second Amendment rights, we need to ask: “Why aren’t our children safe at school and what is causing individuals to carry out a mass shooting?” We need school funding that will increase security at schools. New entrances and check in systems, armed security professionals who are ready to act if needed, and possibly metal detectors. Our children must feel safe at school and parents must be assured their children are being looked after. best hermes replica handbags

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best hermes replica “After months of lobbying with other child welfare advocates for these changes, we are so relieved and encouraged that the department is doing the right thing,” said spokeswoman Hannah Willard. “I think the department heard us loud and clear that removing these protections for [LGBT] youth sends a dangerous message of empowering those who would do us harm. It’s undeniable that homophobia and bigotry are alive and well in our state.”. best hermes replica

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